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Stainless Steel Accessories Polishing in 3C Industry

Stainless steel material is not easy to rust, corrosion resistance, and chromium content of at least 10.5%, 

since the first World War began to appear in the chamber, and later applied to tableware, 

because of its good physical and chemical properties,

 stainless steel materials gradually in the construction, transportation, energy, electronics industry has a wide range of applications.


There are many models of stainless steel materials, 400 series, 300 series, 200 series and 500 series, etc.

 In the electronics industry, stainless steel  is widely used for various electronic products accessories for 

mobile phones and computers, especially 300 series stainless steel such as 304,316 and 316L, are widely used in the 3C field.

Stainless steel accessories in the 3C field usually have very high requirements for the appearance for the user, 

the requirements for the gloss and flatness of the stainless steel accessories are very high, and usually require to meet the mirror requirements. 

Therefore, precision polishing process is required in 3C industry for the high requirements of the surface of stainless steel accessories.

There are many kinds of polishing method for stainless steel accessories, including mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, 

chemical mechanical polishing and so on. In order to achieve good mirror effect of stainless steel accessories, 

it is best to use chemical mechanical polishing method, which can simultaneously take into account good surface and processing efficiency.

In order to cooperate with the chemical mechanical polishing of stainless steel, our company has specially developed a precision polishing slurry for 

stainless steel and other cemented carbide materials, based on α-alumina powder as abrasive, plus additives, 

it is a suitable polishing slurry for hard metal polishing process.