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Polishing Powder for Glass Polishing

At present, there are three commonly used methods for polishing glass, acid polishing, fire polishing and polishing powder polishing. In industrial applications, mechanization, large-scale, high efficiency requirements, now the industry is the most used polishing powder polishing. For example, everyone of us will use the mobile phone, the mobile phone screen is glass, then the production process of the mobile phone screen is not working without the glass polishing process.

With the polishing technology of glass is becoming more and more fine, the industrial requirements for glass processing are becoming higher and higher, and the requirements for polishing powder are relatively higher and higher. When polishing the glass, if there is no block operation, it can cause damage to the glass, in order to avoid this man-made damage, the selection of polishing powder needs to be very careful.

The most commonly used glass polishing powder is cerium oxide polishing powder. The main active component of cerium oxide polishing powder is CeO2, and it also contains a small amount of other rare earth oxides (such as La2O3, Pr6O11, Nd2O3, etc.) and added elements F, S, etc. It is generally believed that the higher the content of CeO2 in the polishing material, the higher the polishing efficiency. In fact, for CeO2 polishing materials, when CeO2>40% (mass fraction), the polishing efficiency is significantly improved. On this basis, the increase of CeO2 content was further increased, and the increase effect was slowed down.

Our cerium oxide glass polishing powder has good effect and high polishing efficiency, which can better meet the production needs of the majority of glass manufacturers.