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Alumina Polishing Slurry especially developed for Niride Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate

In the field of various electronic components, the application of precision advanced ceramic components has been enhanced by the production level and has continued to expand in high-end markets such as electronics and semiconductors, medical devices and biotechnology, aerospace, optics and new energy.

Aluminum nitride (AlN) can stand out in ceramic materials because it has a very high thermal conductivity, only lower than diamond and graphite, and its thermal conductivity is comparable to metal, which can ensure the heat dissipation performance of electronic components.

Because of its excellent electrical insulation, high thermal stability, and stable chemical properties, aluminum nitride ceramics are favored by manufacturers of precision electronic components. In particular, some ceramic substrate manufacturers have chosen aluminum nitride ceramics as their substrate materials.

However, it is also necessary to adopt more precise and flexible processing methods for aluminum nitride ceramics to ensure that the parts can meet highly sophisticated technical and design standards.

However, advanced ceramics, including aluminum nitride ceramics, generally have extremely high hardness and brittleness, so it is necessary to choose the right polishing slurry to match, in order to maintain good cutting force, size, and ensure good surface accuracy and brightness in precision machining, so as to meet customers requirements.

Our alumina polishing slurry KN-300 has been developed for  aluminum nitride ceramic substrate polishing process, and has obtained good feedback in the client side. The nanometer alumina powder material is used as the base abrasive, and the appropriate additive formula is used to suitable for the aluminum nitride ceramic substrates.