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Glass & Lenses Polishing Powder & Slurry

Glass & Lenses Polishing Powder & Slurry

We are one of the glass & lenses polishing powder and slurry suppliers in China. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality  glass & lenses polishing powder and slurry to meet the needs of factory user .

Kona  chooses quality abrasive to produce powder and  water-based polishing slurry, ensuring it is safe to use. They are designed to remove scratches, blemishes, and other imperfections from glass & lenses surfaces while still preserving the integrity of the glass & lenses. Our slurry is also easy applied to polish and will leave a smooth, streak-free finish. Kona provides different polishing powder and slurry for different types of glass & lenses material, such as Alumina abrasive suspension for Plastic Lens ,  ceria powder for 2D and 3D glass, cerium oxide slurry suspension for Quartz glass, Nona Silica Colloidal for precision glass polishing.

We strive to provide reliability customer service and support for our glass & lenses polishing powder and slurry.We have sales engineers to answer your questions and give you tech support.

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Types of Glass & Lenses Polishing Powder & Slurry

Advantages of Glass & Lenses Polishing Abrasives

High Surface Finish

Polishing powder & slurry helps to improve the quality of glass and resin lenses products by polishing the surface to remove scratches and other surface imperfections.

Good Removal Rate

Polishing powder & slurry helps to speed up the glass and resin lenses polishing process, resulting in shorter production time and cost savings for the manufacturer.

Multiple Quality Abrasives

Quality abrasives including alumina, silica and CeO2 is a important divisor to make a suitable polishing slurry for kinds of glass and resin lenses.

Long Slurry Life

Kona polishing powder and slurry can be reused, it has a long slurry life (some of our clients' plants even continue to use our polishing slurry for half a month before completely replacing it).

Glass & Lenses Polishing Powder and Slurry Application

Glass & Lenses Polishing Powder and Slurry Application

The main component of glass polishing powder is cerium oxide abrasive, pure cerium oxide powder is used for glass polishing, also there is cerium oxide powder mixed with other abrasive used for glass polishing.


Due to the difference between a single abrasive and a mixed abrasive, as well as the difference in the purity and particle size of cerium oxide powder, cerium oxide glass polishing powder presents different colors, the most common are white, pink and yellow. 


Different cerium oxide polishing powder is suitable for polishing different glass materials, such as ordinary glass, tempered glass, sulfur glass, mobile phone screen and so on.


Acidic micron alumina polishing slurry can be well used in the polishing of resin lenses, from CR to PC resin lenses.

Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface
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Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface