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Spherical Silica Powder

Spherical Silica Powder

Kona has developed Spherical Silica Powder for high-performance applications, especially for cosmetic filler, such as lipstick filler, powder filling, eyeshadow filler, mascara filler and so on. Our spherical silica powder has high sphericity, narrow distribution, smooth feel, and has been hydrophobic treated.

Spherical Silica Powder Features

  • Mineral makeup powders contain zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica and iron oxides and spherical silica.

  • Silica is not only an ingredient used in mineral makeup, but also used in lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and other cosmetics.

  • Our silica also been used in skin prep creams, sun creams and so on.

  • Kona spherical silica powder has high sphericity, large surface area, narrow distribution and good fluidity.

  • Our spherical silica powder is white and easy to colour.

  • Kona powder has been treated with hydrophobic treatment, which can help strengthen the makeup holding time and has a good affinity for skin.

  • Solution: Makeup Ingredient.

Spherical Silica Powders Used in Cosmetics

Spherical Silica Powders Used in Cosmetics
  • Silicon oxide, i.e Silica used in cosmetics and personal care products is amorphous. Our Silica has good sphericity, which improves the texture and feel of the cosmetics formulations.

  • Our product has good fluidity, the spherical silica help the cosmetic products to spread evenly and easily, which make the cosmetic products bulkier.

  • Our spherical silica powder is an inorganic component, easy to cooperate with other components of cosmetics, non-toxic, tasteless, and itself is white, can be easily colored, especially valuable is its strong ability to reflect UV, and it help the products to absorb excess oil and sweat from the skin.

  • Our spherical silica powder can be used in a range of makeup and skin care products, such as lipstick, pressed powder and mascara cream fillers, lotion and sunscreens fillers.

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