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Formulated High Ceria Polishing Powder for Glass

Formulated High Ceria Polishing Powder for Glass

Micron grade formulated high cerium oxide powder has advantages in glass polishing. 

Micron grade, suitable for precision polishing

formulated, easy to use; 

high cerium,has an enhanced service life ,better polishing effective.


1. Compared with low ceria powder, high cerium oxide polishing powder is more suitable for precision polishing. 

     For example, mobile phone cover glass polishing, optical flat glass polishing, watch dial polishing and so on.

2. Compared with low ceria powder, high cerium oxide polishing powder has an enhanced slurry life. 

    Maybe at the first time, both of them can make a good polishing job. 

    However, as the polishing process goes on, the performance of low ceria powder is getting worse with the passage of time. 

    High cerium oxide powder can be recycled during polishing, has a long slurry life.

3.It is difficult to polish hard glass such as quartz glass and glass-ceramics with low cerium oxide powder. 

    In such cases, high ceria polishing powder is much more suitable.

4.Polishing glass with formulated ceria powder is more convenient.  

5.For formulated cerium oxide powder, the other additives needed in the polishing process have been added according to the formula

     Basically, our customers can use our formulated cerium oxide powder directly in polishing only with pure water.


Details of Formulated High Cerium Oxide Powder

We have a variety of cerium oxide polishing powder for rough and fine polishing of glass. 

The formula can be adjusted according to the different  materials to be polished.

It is more convenient to use than ceria powder unformulated. 

In order  to facilitate the use of customers, we can also make a variety of polishing slurry according to the needs of customers.

We can afford a variety of different particle sizes cerium powder according to different polishing materials and procedures.


Pro NameHigh ceria Polishing powder
Base AbrasiveCerium Oxide
REO ≥92%



Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface
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Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface