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Why is aluminum oxide powder commonly used for precision polishing in 3C field?

In the 3C field. Like a phone, a tablet, a laptop and so on. In consumer electronics, various exterior and internal structure workpiece which has very high flatness and gloss requirements. These precision workpiece materials need to go through strict cutting, grinding and polishing processes to meet the requirements of use.

Common abrasives includes alumina, silicon oxide powder, silicon carbide, diamond, and cerium oxide slurry.

These abrasives have their own hardness and morphology, which play an important role in the grinding and polishing process.

Alumina, as a very common abrasive, has the advantage of its irreplaceable physical and chemical properties.

The alumina oxide powder has a variety of crystal types such as α, β, calcined alumina, also known as high temperature alumina, the main crystalline phase is α phase, is aluminum hydroxide or industrial alumina by 1200~1700℃ calcined phase transformation of alumina. α-alumina powder has stable properties and is most suitable for use as polishing powder.

Therefore, our Kona alumina polishing powder is selected alpha aluminum oxide powder. We select aluminum oxide powder with suitable morphology and particle size and good suspension for polishing.

 In this case, in the 3C field, we can very quickly polish the appearance of electronic products and structural parts, such as plastic and various stainless steel, aluminum alloy precision workpiece surface.

Alumina as a polishing abrasive, compared to other abrasives. It has the characteristics of both speed and surface, and at the same time has a high cost performance.