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Plastic Lens Polishing Slurry

Plastic Lens Polishing Slurry

The Mohs hardness of the resin lens can reach 6-7 after hardening treatment, so we choose alumina as based abrasives to make polishing slurry. Because alumina has a Mohs hardness of up to 9, rapid efficiency can be achieved in the polishing process of resinous optical lenses.

Plastic Lens Polishing Slurry Features

  • Plastic is commonly used in optical lenses. Kona provides water-based Alumina suspension for the plastic lens polishing process.

  • Kona plastic lens polishing slurry allows our customers to reach a high-quality finished surface with no compromise on an aggressive removal rate.

  • We develop high-purity alumina slurry for plastic lens polishes. We choose the suitable type of alumina powders which provide high performance in speed as well as no damage to the lens surface.

  • According to the chemical characteristics of the lens, we designed weakly acidic water-based alumina slurry, which also can get a good slurry life in our customers' fab.

Details of Plastic Lens Polishing Slurry

Resin lens is a kind of lens made by chemical synthesis of resin as raw material,and after mechanical processing including polishing. Compared with traditional glass lenses, it is thinner and lighter, often less than half the weight of traditional glass lenses. At the same time, the resin lens has good impact resistance, is not easy to break, good light transmittance, and low cost.

Resin lens as optical material needs precision and quality polishing before used, the resin lens polishing slurry provided by Kona is based on alumina abrasive, a quality CMP polishing solution, can meet the requirements of optical lenses.

Pro NamePlastic Lens polishing slurry
Base AbrasiveAlumina
AppearanceWhite slurry
Solvent TypeWater-based
Shelf Life12 months

Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface
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Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface