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Sapphire Window Polishing Slurry

Sapphire Window Polishing Slurry

Kona's sapphire window polishing slurry is a specially formulated product designed to cater for the unique requirements of sapphire window polishing. Our colloidal silica slurry provides excellent surface quality with a controlled removal rate, while our alumina slurries are viable options for rough polishing with high removal rates. The product range comes with a broad offering of different particle sizes options to cater to different polishing requirements. Our Sapphire Window Polishing Slurry is also compatible with various polishing machines and pads, providing customers with cost-effective and optimal solutions for sapphire window polishing.

Sapphire Window Polishing Slurry Features

  • Sapphire window is used as a high quality window in a range of applications such as optics, medical and so on. Sapphire material is hard and chemical inactivity, so sapphire window is hard to polish.

  • Kona Sapphire Window Polishing Slurry is designed for quality sapphire window, we try to balance both high quality surface and fast removal rate.

  • We developed water-based alkaline PH Colloidal Silica for Sapphire, with increased abrasive particle size, which can improve the removal rate as well as no compromise with high quality surface.

Details of Sapphire Window Polishing Slurry

Sapphire window pieces have high Mohs hardness, wide wavelength range of light passing rate, and high smoothness and gloss requirements, so the sapphire cutting, grinding and polishing technology are put forward higher requirements. The polishing of sapphire window pieces is generally double-sided polishing. Therefore, our company specially developed silicon oxide polishing silica colloidal with increasing abrasive particle size, so as to not only ensure good polishing surface of sapphire window pieces, but also obtain good polishing efficiency.

Pro  NameSilica colloidal for sapphire
Base AbrasiveSilica Colloidal
AppearanceWhite liquid
Solvent TypeWater-based
Shelf Life12 months

Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface
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Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface