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National Precision Grinding and Polishing Forum Set to Convene in Wuxi, Jiangsu

Grinding and polishing is an important means to improve the quality and performance of products 

by reducing the surface roughness through mechanical, chemical, or electrochemical methods to achieve a bright and smooth surface. 

With steady economic growth and deepening industrialization, the downstream demand for grinding and polishing continues to increase, 

especially in fields such as automotive, machinery, electronics, optics, and medical industries, 

where the requirements for the quality and efficiency of grinding and polishing are constantly rising. 

This drives the development of the precision grinding and polishing industry. 

For example, in the processing of single crystal materials, flatness, thickness, and directional accuracy of the crystal orientation are required. 

In the processing of electronic materials, in addition to high shape accuracy, an ideal mirror surface must also be achieved without physical or crystalline damage.


At the same time, the precision grinding and polishing industry will also face more intense market competition and stricter environmental requirements, 

which will prompt the industry to undergo technological innovation and product upgrades to improve the accuracy, efficiency, 

and energy-saving environmental performance of grinding and polishing.


Currently, new materials and processes are continuously being applied, especially in the field of grinding materials and tools.

 For example, grinding materials and tools made from superhard materials, ceramic materials, diamond materials, etc., have advantages such as wear resistance,

 high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance, and can adapt to different grinding and polishing conditions and requirements. 

New grinding and polishing processes using technologies such as laser, electron beam, ion beam, have the advantages of high precision, 

high efficiency, and low pollution, and can achieve grinding and polishing at the micro and even nano levels.


CMP polishing, abrasive flow polishing, magneto-rheological fluid polishing, plasma-assisted polishing, and other optimization and upgrades 

of grinding and polishing materials and processing technologies are still awaiting further exploration.


On August 25-26, 2024, the "2024 National Precision Grinding and Polishing Materials and Processing Technology Development Forum (2nd)" 

will be held in Wuxi, Jiangsu. At that time, it will gather research and development leaders from upstream and downstream units, 

technical experts from research institutions, and investment institutions in related industries to jointly discuss the development opportunities 

and future directions of the precision grinding and polishing field.