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Metallographic Polishing Fluid

Metallographic Polishing Fluid

Kona has developed polishing fluid for Metallograpic Polishing, for example Coal Rock Metallograpic Polishing, providing highly reflective finish, the Metallograpic samples can be examined on the microscope.

Metallographic Specimens Polishing Fluid Features

  • Metallographic specimens need to be examined on the microscope, so it needs to be polished to a high-quality surface.

  • Kona provides nano silica colloidal for metallographic samples polishing, gentle abrasion produces, and scratch and deformation-free specimens.

  • Different metallographic samples have different Mohs hardness, so different metallographic specimens are suitable for different abrasives. Some samples may refer colloidal alumina rather than colloidal silica.

  • We also provide nano colloidal alumina according to the needs of customers.

  • We can develop the abrasives and formula according to your need. We also have the ability to customize the abrasive size and concentration in accordance with your requirement.

Details of Metallographic Polishing Fluid

For good observation, removal deformable layers produced during sampling cutting, it is necessary to grind and polish metallographic specimens such as metals or coal sample specimens,. In metallographic polishing, grinding and polishing abrasives need to be used with polishing cloth. Diamond is often used for grinding, while alumina and silicon oxide are often used as polishing abrasives.

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