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National Alumina Powder and Products Innovation and Development Forum Fuels Progress in Sustainable Energy

From April 23 to 25, the annual "2024 National Alumina Powder and Products Innovation and Development Forum (8th)" successfully convened in Ningbo, China. 

Guided by the Powder Technology Branch of the China Electronic Materials Industry Association, hosted by Powder Circle,

 and co-organized by the Management Committee of Changnan New District, Jingdezhen City, the forum attracted nearly 

300 experts, entrepreneurs, and practitioners from across the domestic alumina industry, along with nearly 30 exhibitors.


Compared to previous conferences, this year's forum showcased an expanded scope of discussion topics, delving deeper into specialized fields within the industry. 

Participants focused on innovative approaches to production equipment, production technology, production management,

 and other critical areas, collectively exploring the future trajectory of industrial development.


Amidst the significant surplus of domestic industrial alumina production capacity, a conference has been organized to expedite the industry's transformation. 

The primary objective of the conference is to promote the alumina industry chain and explore the utilization of fine alumina in cutting-edge sectors such as new energy, 

5G communications, semiconductors, and other high-tech fields.


Our polishing slurry company - Kona has been committed to the research, development, and formulation of fine alumina powder and slurry. 

We have successfully developed a range of alumina polishing powder and slurry that find extensive applications in the semiconductor and 3C industries.

These products feature a particle size that can reach the nanometer level and are used for polishing high-end electronic materials such as 

ceramic substrates, silicon wafers, and metal components for mobile phones. They have received widespread acclaim from customers in the market. 


The focus of the forum is on shifting the industry towards high-performance, high value-added, and promising emerging application fields. 

This initiative aims to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of the alumina industry in the ever-evolving market.


The forum also provided a platform for fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among industry stakeholders. 

Through interactive workshops, panel discussions, and networking sessions, participants shared insights, best practices,

 and strategies for overcoming challenges in the pursuit of sustainable development.