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Nano and Micron Meter Cerium Oxide Powder and Slurry

Cerium oxide is an important part of rare earth materials with a wide range of uses.Cerium oxide powders with nanometer and micron particle size as precision materials play an important role in many fields. There are more oxygen holes in CeO2 material, which has better ability to store and release oxygen and transfer oxygen ions. Nanometer and micron cerium oxide powder also has a high specific surface area, REDOX properties and high temperature rapid oxygen vacancy diffusion ability, these properties make cerium oxide powder has a wide range of applications.


Cerium oxide powder can be used as catalyst and catalyst carrier (auxiliary), and can be used in automobile exhaust absorber, fuel cell electrolyte, electronic ceramics, etc. And because of its good absorption of ultraviolet rays, as well as anti-free radical properties, it is also used as a cosmetic filler, and sometimes it may be modified on the surface of cerium oxide, coated with silicon oxide, and increased the inertia of cerium oxide, which can be better applied in cosmetics.

Cerium oxide has a Mohs hardness of 7, the same as the Mohs hardness of Silicon oxide, and like silicon oxide materials, cerium oxide is also used as a common polishing material in CMP polishing. Glass has a Mohs hardness of 5 to 7, and cerium oxide was originally used during World War I to polish military equipment such as antiaircraft gun scopes. Today, cerium oxide is widely used in polishing processes such as manufacturing mobile phone screens, optical glass, integrated circuit boards, flat screen TVS, precision valves, integrated circuits and other high-profit electronics industries.

Our company not only provides cerium oxide powder, but also provides cerium oxide polishing powder with increased polishing formula, as well as cerium oxide polishing slurry.