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Cerium Oxide Slurry for Quartz Glass

Cerium Oxide Slurry for Quartz Glass

As a cerium oxide polishing powder supplier, Kona provides polishing slurry with cerium oxide abrasive for quartz glass, we also provide cerium oxide polishing slurry. Our cerium powders and cerium oxide slurry which has long slurry life, good finish with no compromise of fast removal rate. Contact us and get the price of cerium oxide!

Cerium Oxide Slurry for Quartz Glass Features

  • Quartz glass is a typical optical material, which has been used as quartz glass substrate and other components. It is hard than common glass.

  • Kona CeO2 slurries were developed for quarts glass polishing with an aggressive removal speed and good surface roughness& finish. Our cerium oxide slurry can be reused, it has a long slurry life (some of our clients' plants even continue to use our polishing slurry for half a month before completely replacing it)

  • We also provide cerium oxide powder for quartz glass polishing.

  • Some special precision polishing for quarts glass may use nano silica colloidal.

Details of Cerium Oxide Slurry for Quartz Glass

Quartz glass is a special industrial glass with a single component of silicon oxide. Compared with ordinary glass, this kind of glass has higher Mohs hardness, higher temperature resistance, better light transmission performance, more stable chemical characteristics and other advantages. Because of its excellent properties, quartz glass material is widely used in semiconductor, aerospace and other industries.

Quartz glass needs to be down through the mechanical processing process before using such as slicing and cutting, so it needs to be polished to remove the lines, scratches and other defects on the surface of the glass during mechanical processing, improve the gloss and transparency of the glass.

As one of the glass polishing powder and slurry suppliers in China, Kona provides cerium oxide polishing  slurry, developed according to the characteristics of quartz glass with long slurry life, high efficiency and easy to use. We can also supply cerium oxide polishing powder for quartz glass to customers.

Pro NameQuartz glass polishing slurry
Base Abrasivecerium oxide
AppearanceWhite slurry
Solvent TypeWater-based
Shelf Life12 months

Cerium Oxide Slurry Application

Cerium oxide polishing powder has a single abrasive and mixed abrasive categories, cerium oxide polishing slurry also has a single abrasive and mixed abrasive configuration.


There is not only abrasive in Cerium oxide polishing slurry , but also a variety of chemical additives in it.  At the same time, cerium oxide powder is easy to agglomerate, so to solve this problem, make a good suspension of cerium oxide polishing powder needs some special technical methods . 

Cerium oxide polishing slurry is suitable for polishing a variety of optical glass, mobile phone panels, quartz glass and other optical glass, and cerium oxide polishing slurry can be added to mixed abrasives, such as silicon oxide abrasive. Cerium oxide polishes with mixed abrasives have different abrasive properties of a single abrasive polisher, thus achieving different surfaces and efficiencies.

Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface
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Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface Long Slurry Life, Mirror Finish Surface