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10 05, 2024
Celebrating Kona's Membership in China Abrasives Industry Association
Membership in the Abrasives Industry Association is not granted lightly. It is an honor that comes with strict criteria and requirements, ensuring that only reputable and dedicated organizations join the ranks. One of the fundamental requirements for membership is a minimum of four years of experience in the abrasive abrasives industry.
22 03, 2024
Do You Know the Advantages of Formulated High Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder?
How to determine whether a rare earth polishing powder is high cerium oxide polishing powder or low cerium polishing powder? What are the advantages and disadvantages of cerium oxide polishing powder and slurry? The lack of convenience of cerium oxide polishing powder can be made up by the formula.
08 02, 2024
How to Choose Alumina Polishing Powder
Polishing powder is a key factor in polishing process.When we choose alumina polishing slurry according to the physical and chemical characteristics of the material we are planning to polishing.Secondly, we need to consider the methods and equipment we choose to used. In addition, we should consider the appearance of alumina particles too.Finally, we must fully consider its water solubility and dispersion.
18 01, 2024
The Key Technical Characteristics in Metal Mirror-like Polishing Slurry
There is a problem in metal polishing, which is the conflict between polishing efficiency and the final mirror-like finish. In order to solve this problem, there are strict requirements for the polishing slurry and wax in their abrasive particle size , and high requirements for the the width of the particle size distribution of the abrasive.
12 01, 2024
Stainless Steel Accessories Polishing in 3C Industry
our company has specially developed a precision polishing slurry for stainless steel and other cemented carbide materials, based on α-alumina powder as abrasive, plus additives, it is a suitable polishing slurry for hard metal chemical mechanical polishing process.
10 10, 2023
Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder and Polishing Slurry
Cerium oxide is an important part of rare earth materials with a wide range of uses.Cerium oxide powders with nano and micron meter particle size as precision materials play an important role in many ...
05 09, 2023
Nano and Micron Meter Cerium Oxide Powder and Slurry
cerium oxide is widely used in polishing processes such as manufacturing mobile phone screens, optical glass, integrated circuit boards, flat screen TVS, precision valves, integrated circuits and other high-profit electronics industries.
22 08, 2023
Based on alumina abrasives for silicon carbide polishing
Our company has launched the latest polishing slurry developed for silicon carbide materials, which has high efficiency and good precision. Our company's latest polishing slurry for silicon carbide materials is based on alumina abrasives and added additives suitable for silicon carbide polishing processes. Welcome customers to contact and exchange, and purchase trial.
04 03, 2023
Silicon Carbide (SiC) Slurry is Designed for Silicon Carbide Substrates. Lapping and Polishing Slurry is Developing.
Silicon carbide as the third generation semiconductor, compared with the first generation semiconductor silicon material has a great advantage in band gap width, with the same performance of silicon c...
28 07, 2022
China Hardware Abrasives & Abrasives Exhibition 2023 Will Be Held in Shanghai and Foshan
Organized by the China Hardware Products Association, the China International Hardware Exhibition (CIH) annually showcases leading products and technologies to the global hardware industry and is an a...
09 02, 2022
Organize Employees to Participate in Various Training to Enhance Their Professionalism
Kona is focused on alumina, silicon oxide and cerium oxide materials, mainly focusing on the application of these three materials in the field of filling and consumer electronics related precision mac...