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Do You Know the Advantages of Formulated High Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder?

There are a lot type of abrasive materials in the world which suitable for different kind of polishing demands. Among them,micron grade abrasive materials majority used in the field of precision polishing. No matter it is alumina, silica or cerium oxide, it is necessary to use micron level polishing materials in fine polishing. Therein cerium oxide is often used for precision polishing of various glass materials.

Cerium oxide is used as an abrasive, usually in the form of polishing powder or slurry. Cerium oxide polishing powder is easier to transport and store than slurry. On the other hand, the polishing slurry is easier to use. For most people, it may not be clear that there two types cerium oxide polishing powder which are low cerium oxide content and high cerium oxide content powder.

Well, what is the different between them?

This depends on the capacity of cerium oxide in rare earth polishing powder, that is the value of CeO2/TREO. Generally speaking, if CeO2/TREO≥80%, then this kind of rare earth polishing powder belongs to high cerium oxide polishing powder. Usually ,as for low CeO2 polishing powder, cerium oxide content is not exceed 50%.

Obviously, low cerium oxides polishing powder has a lower price.So, what are the advantages of high cerium oxides polishing powder?

The high CeO2 capacity polishing powder has an enhanced service life ,greater polishing effective. Especially when the hard glass is polished for a long time (quartz, optical lenses, etc.), it is appropriate to use high-quality cerium polishing powder.

As we said before, the CeO2 polishing slurry is more convenient to use because the only thing you should add is deionized water when polishing. However, the polishing slurry may increase the transportation costs. So ,we formulated the rare earth polishing powder, added necessary auxiliary into it . It is also very convenient to use as slurry, customers usually only need to add deionized water when polishing, but can also reduce the cost of transportation compared to the slurry.

Try our formula cerium oxides polishing slurry, which has excellent polishing properties and is also very easy to transport. According to the experience of our customers, it is suitable for a variety of glass polishing, such as the glass cover plate polishing of mobile phones, car glass polishing and so on. Suitable for all types of glass polishing, whether ordinary 2D, 3D glass, or quartz glass and other hard glass.

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